I love helping people get their dream business going.  Successful businesses can be as small as the tiniest water balloon, or as large as a huge hot air balloon.  The size of the business doesn't matter as much as it's health, vibrance and ability to fly.


You can have a huge balloon that is limp and doesn't stay afloat, even when you are spending endless amounts of time and energy trying to fill it with air.  You can have a tiny balloon that pops because you fill it with too much too fast.


When building a business you want just enough pressure to make your business balloon float with ease.  Too much pressure and things explode.  Too little and things never get off the ground.


I can help you learn to trust your own unique growing  process so that your business self can blossom in a healthy and rewarding manner. I can help you learn to float with ease down the give and receive river, rather than treading water in a cesspool of fear, stuck in a go, go, grind, but never seeming able to get where you want to be.





I had a private practice psychotherapy business for eight years when my children were young.  I started out in the tiniest of offices, about eight feet by eight feet.  It was all the rent I could afford to pay, and all the space I could afford to furnish.  I wanted a website, but I didn't have the money or resources to hire someone to build it. I had no website experience myself, and was in fact quite clueless when it came to computers.


Instead of feeling desperate and focusing on what I didn't have, I focused on gratefully receiving the reality I found myself in.  Gratitude soothes anxiety and provides us with a sense of calm and trust in the world.  That calm and trust helps us become more present and aware of all that the world has to offer.  When we face the world in a calm and trusting manner, we become aware of the many options that the world has to offer.


I eventually came across an advertisement for a website template program that only cost a couple of dollars a month.  Even though I had never been good with computers, I decided to try it out for a few months and see if I could make it work.


Although feelings of frustration and confusion arose while learning how to use it, I took the time to breath through those feelings, refocusing my attention on staying calm and continuing to trust. Each time I acquired a new skill and completed a new component on my website, I celebrated my accomplishment and gave gratitude.  Each day I "received" more and more computer ability.  Each day I "received" a better and better website. And each day I took the time to give gratitude for what I had received.






My website eventually ended up number one on Google when searching for therapists in Pasadena, CA where my practice was located.  There are hundreds of thousands of people in the Pasadena area, as well as hundreds of therapists.  With no experience, money or help, my website became very well known and I began receiving referrals from experts all over Los Angeles county.  Not only was I receiving calls from potential therapy clients, but I soon started receiving calls from therapy interns who wanted to work under my license and in my practice. Without really trying to grow my business, my business started to grow.


My one little eight by eight office space grew to include several larger offices as I added interns to my practice.  I built successful websites for each intern, tailoring them to their unique specialties and personalities.  I eventually built a website called BuildYourPractice101.com, and started coaching therapists throughout Los Angeles County on how to build websites and grow their businesses.


No matter where you are on the road to wealth and abundance, I can help you learn to walk that road with ease and trust.  Sometimes huge obstacles end up in our way, and it can be easy to start believing we won't ever get around them.  When worry and anxiety consume us, we forget to lift our eyes and look around at the multitude of options. We get fixated on the obstacle, and become blind to all our options.


Worry, stress and anxiety constrict and choke our awareness. They create a thick fog that makes it impossible to see the multitude of opportunities there actually are in this world.  Gratitude, trust and a sense of calm allow us to be present to the options that are always there if we take the time to breath, trust, and lift our eyes and look around.



You can try a balloon blowing ritual on your own.  Find a balloon that represents a comfortable business size for you.  Decorate it, walk on the beach or take a hike with it.  Have fun with it!  You shouldn't feel sad if it is small, or  irritated when filling it with air if it is large.  You should feel joy.  It is your balloon.  You are lucky to have one.  Own it!  Feel grateful for it! Have fun with it!




Moments of centering ourselves, trusting, receiving, thanking and having fun are much more effective in business building that the frantic go, go, get, grind that many business people get caught up in.



I can help you implement powerful business building rituals that will help you stay in touch with the fun and momentum of creating and out of the drudgery of the go, get, grind.