My ritual space is underneath Bunnel Art Center

at 106 W. Bunnel Avenue in Homer, AK 99603.


You can enter from behind Bunnel in the parking lot,

where you will locate stairs going down underneath the building.




I have two hypoallergenic dogs that hang out with me in the space most days. They are very friendly with people,

but the scruffy one on the right doesn’t like other dogs much.


If you would prefer to meet without dogs present or you would like to bring your dog, please let me know in advance.





Floor seating is provided to invite visitors to bring forth their most playful self and commune with their inner child.



There is a desk space and two chairs if someone is not comfortable sitting on the floor.







As a Jungian trained therapist turned ritualist, I have created this space to evoke the subconscious mind,

stir up hidden memories, and tap into one’s dreams and aspirations.






Most of the items within the space are symbolic things found in thrift stores

that can be borrowed or purchased for ritual use.





Although some items are not for sale, I can always direct you to where you can find something similar.






Ritual items need not be expensive. It is the meaning more than the material that is important.





The space is filled with thrift store hats, bags, purses, baskets,

yarn, driftwood, cloth and beads for the purpose of creating symbolic ritual items…



…a hat to protect or adorn you on your journey through life,







 …a bag, basket or box to bring along the things that you may need,







…an amulet, charm or spirit animal to provide you with some magical power when you desire it.







The ritual of tea in a special tea set is included with every ritual session.








This ritual space is intended for very small intimate gatherings of just two to four people.


Ritual sessions do not need to occur in this space.


I can come to your home or other special designation.


Rituals can also be done on a hike or at the beach.