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What is Ritual?

Ritual is the process of pairing together a physical act or gesture with words, prayers, or mantras.  Sometimes symbolic or special objects are also used.


Rituals are found in every culture on every continent and can be anything from a large celebration, such as a wedding or funeral, to a small interaction, such as a special handshake and greeting between two friends.

Why Is it Useful?

The purpose of ritual is to acknowledge, honor and deeply experience the significance of an event in one's life.


Rituals can be very helpful when moving through developmental stages, such as moving from childhood to adulthood, or moving from child bearing years into menopause.  They can also be helpful when experiencing life transitions or loss.


Rituals can be done in a variety of ways.  They can be performed on a grand scale, or they can be small and unassuming. They can be fairly common, or wildly unusual.  They can include many people, or they can be performed by yourself in peaceful solitude.


Rituals give closure to the past, and open the door to the future.  Consciously acknowledging significant events by doing something meaningful to honor them creates stronger, healthier bonds to our communities, to our loved ones and to ourselves.


There is no right or wrong when forming a ritual to acknowledge something that is important to you. You can create something as unique and exquisite as you are, no matter how big or small it becomes.



I have helped to facilitate many red tent ceremonies.  This ritual acknowledges a girl's entrance into womanhood at the start of her menstrual cycle.







(Pictures from my daughter's red tent.)

Rituals of Relationship

Commitment    Remorse/Forgiveness    Wedding    Reconciliation    Breakup/Divorce


Developmental Stage/Rite of Passage Rituals

Child Entering School   Entrance into Puberty/Red Tent   Baby Shower   Menapause   Retirement

Rituals Regarding Loss

Funerals/Loss of Loved One   Job Loss    Loss of Home   Loss of Body Part/Physical Incapacitation

Rituals of Wealth

Awakening to Wealth    Affirming Your Worth   Blowing up your Business Balloon   Website Wisdom


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