Seven Sacred Days Under the Midnight Sun

This retreat begins on June 16th, the eve of the full moon, and continues through the celebration of the summer solstice.  We will explore our female essence by tapping into goddess archetypes and sacred symbols hidden within our unconscious.

Traditional feminine arts and crafts will be used as a meditation medium.  Each day of the week will be focused on one chakra system and an aligning female archetype.  Each day we will also have a unique Alaskan adventure, in order to facilitate a rewilding, a rebirthing, and a reconnecting to our most primal feminine aspects.

Sunday, June 16th

  • 1:00 check in, unpack, explore the area
  • 6:00 Dinner
  • 7:30-9:00pm
    • Craft: Head Wreath
    • Chakra: Crown
    • Archetype: Mystic
    • Mantra: I Surrender
    • Purpose: To Believe
    • Struggle: To Accept or to reject
  • 9:00pm Movement Circle/Full Moon Ritual/Initiation into the Sacred Sisterhood

Monday, June 17th

  • 8 - 9am: Breakfast
  • 9-10:00 Sacred Movement Circle
  • 10:00-12:30
    • Craft: Red Rug
    • Chakra: Root
    • Archetype: Mother
    • Mantra: I Am
    • Purpose: To Create safe space
    • Struggle: To Provide or to neglect
  • 12:30-2 Lunch
  • 2-5:30 adventure (hiking/foraging)
  • 6:30 dinner
  • 8-10 evening fire/craft/free time

Tuesday, June 18th

  • 8 - 9 Breakfast
  • 9-4 Fishing Trip
    • Craft: Belly Dancing Wrap
    • Chakra: Sacral
    • Archetype: Maiden/Wild Woman
    • Mantra: I feel
    • Purpose: To risk, to release suppressed feelings
    • Struggle: to stay young/innocent/blameless or to grow older and become experienced.
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 8-10 evening fire/craft/free time

Wednesday, June 19th

  • 8 - 9 Breakfast
  • 9-10 Movement Circle
  • 10:00-12:30
    • Craft: Decorate Wood Sword
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus
    • Archetype: Warrior Woman
    • Mantra: I do
    • Purpose: to achieve one's desires (fire in the belly)
    • Struggle: to go to war, or to stay a victim
  • 12:30-2 Lunch
  • 2-5:30 Adventure (hiking/foraging)
  • 6:30 Feast
  • 8-10 evening fire/craft/free time

Thursday, June 20th

  • 8-9 Breakfast
  • 9-10 Movement Circle
  • 10:00-12:30
    • Craft: Medicine Bag/Talisman Bag
    • Chakra: Heart
    • Archetype: Lover
    • Mantra: I love
    • Purpose: to love unconditionally
    • Struggle: to share with an open heart, or to stockpile/stowaway/smother
  • 12:30-2 Lunch
  • 2-5:30 Adventure: Soap Making
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 8-10 evening fire/craft/free time

Friday, June 22nd

  • 8-9 Breakfast
  • 9-10 Movement Circle
  • 10:00-12:30
    • Craft: Necklace
    • Chakra: Throat
    • Archetype: Queen
    • Mantra: I say
    • Purpose: to make proclamation of truth
    • Struggle: To sing with your soul, or to stay silent/to strangle
  • 12:30-2 Lunch
  • 2-5:00 Free Time
  • 5:00 Soldatna Solstice Music Festival

Saturday, June 23rd

  • 8-9 Breakfast
  • 9-10 Movement Circle
  • 10:00-12:30
    • Craft: Crystal Grid
    • Chakra: Third Eye
    • Archetype: Wise Woman
    • Mantra: I see (reality as it is)
    • Purpose: To Forgive
    • Struggle: to forgive or to judge/grudge
  • 12:30 Check out

The morning’s movement circle will help us enter into a primal, meditative state, preparing us to enter our unconscious mind, open our chakra system, balance and expand each energy point, and call forth the associated feminine energy that resides there.

While each woman enters a deep meditative state through the repetitive motion of the craft of that day, a lesson will be given on the corresponding female archetype. (Research shows that engaging one's hands in repetitive movement while listening to new information heightens one's ability to pay attention and absorb a greater percentage of that information.)

The synergistic energy created during these meditative periods will provide an experience of healing, balancing and expansion of each woman's feminine energy.

After the morning expansion of our divine feminine energy, we will spend the afternoons adventuring out into the Alaska Wilderness to engage this feminine energy with the wilds of mother earth.

The purpose of the this retreat is create a synergistic space with like minded sisters, where each of our feminine energies and archetypes can be called forth, healed, set free, and used for the highest good.

In this retreat each participant will (along with the other participants) co-create the experience of stepping out of patterns of repression and into the fullness of goddess energy.   As we step out of old repressive patterns, we will start to perceive new and exciting paths before us.  Paths we may have sensed were there, but that we could not find.

Included in Package Price

  • 7 days of sacred sister synergy
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All Alaska Adventures with contracted area experts are included in the package price
  • All arts and crafts materials for designated daily craft

Meals: Participants will be on their own for lunch and dinner. There are grocery stores and restaurants within walking distance of the housing. There are full kitchens in both the upstairs and the downstairs of each house.

Ingredients for the evenings meals will be provided as part of this retreat, with the group members working together as a whole to create this evening meal together.

Attendants will be assigned to random groups for main dish, side dish, etc. assignments.

Foraged foods and fish caught by the group will also be used for the evening meals.


As a retreat attendee you'll also receive:

  • Access to how to videos to finish all arts and crafts projects that were started on the retreat.  These projects are not intended to be finished during the retreat, only initiated.   Work on them can be continued at home, where the same deep meditative and contemplative state can then be brought to and created in the home environment.
  • Access to our private Sacred Sisters Facebook group.  This group will open one month before the event occurs in order for the synergy to take root. This is a private group, only open to the woman who are participants of this retreat.   The Facebook group will be open for six months after the retreat (through the middle of December) to provide a forum for the participants to receive support to complete (and share via photograph) their symbolic art items, and to fully absorb and integrate the meaning of these symbolic items, as well as the retreat experience as a whole.

The accommodations for this retreat are comprised of two two story neighboring Airbnb's that are split into upstairs and downstairs apartments with full kitchens in each.

These homes have the feel of being located remotely in the woods, but are actually just a few minutes walk from the center of town.

They are also just a short walk from the Kenai River.