Handfasting, Jumping the Broom, Breaking the Glass, Lighting the Unity Candle



...these wedding rituals all have powerful meaning and are very important in different cultures around the world.  Weddings have deep significance and decisions regarding how they are performed should be made consciously and purposefully.


To have the most amazing and memorable wedding possible, it is important to be as present during the process as possible.  It doesn't matter how much or how little money is spent, how few or how many guests are present.  Meaning matters most!



The Process Is Always More Important Than the Content 



I have known people whose weddings had beautiful content; gorgeous flowers, a high end venue, the perfect dress...but whose wedding process was horrible.  They were emotionally burnt out, financially tapped out, and their relationships with friends and family members were left wounded.


They don't remember anything about their wedding day.  They look at their photos as if they are looking at a facade.  They can hardly remember being there because their stress levels were so high and they weren't fully present to the experience.


I also know a couple who got married in bare feet on the beach with no guests and they only have one grainy picture as a momento.  There was hardly any content in their wedding at all, but they talk about their process with pleasure.  They remember the minutest of details, and when you listen to them talk about their day, you can't help but smile and feel as if you were right there with them.


It is absolutely possible to have tons of content, as well as a powerful and pleasurable process.  They are not mutually exclusive.  But be mindful of the meaning you are making when you go through the process of marrying someone.


Along with traditional wedding rituals, you can add other meaningful rituals to your special day that are unique and special to you as a couple.





I knew a couple that shared a love of Volkswagens, and they incorporated them into their wedding in lots of fun and unusual ways.  The more personal your wedding is to you as a couple, and the more pleasure you take in the process (rather than worrying about the content), the more you will be able to remember your special day with fondness.



I Am Available As a Wedding Ritual Consultant



I would love to help you find pleasure in the process and to help you create a wedding event that authentically represents who you are as individuals, as well as who you want to continue to grow into as a couple.


I can also lead you as an individual, you as a couple, or you and other family members through rituals to help you get centered, de-stressed, and fully focused on a pleasurable process for all involved.


I am an ordained minister in The Universal Life Church, and am also available to officiate at your ceremony.