Although I am not an evangelical christian (or a member of any specific religion), I worked for several years as the clinical director for Fuller Seminary’s large psychotherapy clinic. Fuller seminary is one of the world’s most influential evangelical institutions and the largest multi-denominational seminary in the world. Students come from all over the world to attend their school of theology, which offers graduate degrees in divinity, theology and ministry, preparing these students to become pastors and ministers.

Their school of psychology is nationally competitive and highly regarded, and many of their students pursue duo degrees in both the school of theology and the school of psychology. As clinical director, I oversaw the operations of their large therapy clinic, called Fuller Psychological and Family Services. My job description included oversite of 6 supervisors and 35 student trainees and interns.

In this position I was able to glean wisdom from well known therapist/author/professors who were experts in marriage preparation and premarital counseling.

I am a a certified marriage officiator.

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