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Single Hour Ritual Session

$65 per 1 one hour session.

During this hour we will spend a few minutes discussing your issue, but the bulk of the hour will be spent brainstorming ritual ideas.  The last few minutes you will be provided with resources, web links, and directions on how to facilitate your own ritual.

Three Hour Ritual Session

$165 for 3 Hour Block

($55 an Hour)

Typically 3 hours is a more realistic chunk of time to map out what it is you are truly trying to acknowledge, transform and transcend.

We will brainstorm a personalized ritual suited to your needs and personality, and I will either facilitate the ritual with you, or provide you with the support, directions and resources you will need to facilitate the ritual on your own.


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Six Hour Ritual Package

$300 for Six Hours

($50 an Hour)

Time can be used all at once, or broken down into two or three hour increments spread out over several days or weeks.


The six hour package must be used within a 60 day time frame.

Pro Bono and Reduced Rate Sessions

I take on one pro bono client at a time.  If you or someone you know could benefit from working with a ritualist, please send me a few paragraphs explaining the situation and I will let you  know if I can be of service.


I also offer 1 hours of reduced rate ritual work a week at $25 an hour. If you are in need of ritual work at a reduced rate, please send me a few paragraphs about your situation and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Sessions are also available through electronic means such as on the phone or through skype and proven to also be effective.