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My Story

I'm a So-Cal girl who grew up just outside of downtown Los Angeles. I got married 20 years ago, and entered grad school to become a psychotherapist. During the training and licensure process, I gave birth to two gorgeous baby girls.



Over the last 20 years I have worked as a therapist, a clinical supervisor, a clinic director, and finally a program director working with Yale University to implement a large scale preventative program spanning across 30 cities in L.A. county for adolescents and young adults at risk of severe mental health issues.



While I loved this job, holding that level of responsibility and living the very fast paced L.A. lifestyle started taking a toll on my health. On a whim, my husband, who grew up in Fairbanks, applied to be the director of South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services in Homer, AK.



Without ever having visited Alaska, I knew this was the right move for me and my family. We moved here in 2017 and have fallen in love with Homer, with its beauty, and with its people. I thought I knew a lot about health, healing, and ways to find happiness...but Alaska has taught me so much more.


I no longer work in the psychotherapy field treating people with mental health diagnoses, and now work as a ritualist, specializing in jewelry making and crafting as healing ritual.

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